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(1979-1981, 1999) Susan B. Anthony Dollar

CoinTrapTM Commentary: The obverse of the Susan B. Anthony depicts the likeness of women’s suffrage campaigner Susan B. Anthony.  Although this coin was not particularly popular among the general public due to its nearly identical size, color, and feel to the US quarter, nevertheless, Susan B. Anthony stands as a transformative figure in her efforts to advance the status of women. Susan B. Anthony lived from 1820 to 1906.

The reverse of the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin depicts an American eagle landing on the Moon, a design similar to the  Eisenhower dollar.

The coin was only minted in the years 1979, 1980, 1981, and 1999.

Coin Value: What is the value of your Susan B. Anthony Dollar?  As with all coins, it depends. The Susan B. Anthony Dollar coin worth or value depends on these main factors: (1) your coin’s grade, (2) whether it is a proof coin (Deep Cameo or DCAM) having a mirror-like polished finish, (3) scarcity/demand and (4) the mint (P for Philadelphia and D for Denver). Regarding your coin’s grade, it has become a standard in the field of numismatics (coin collecting) to grade coins on a point-scale from 1 (poor) to 70 (perfect). This is also referred to as the “Mint State” or just “MS” for short. Click here to find the up-to-date estimated value of your Susan B. Anthony coin from the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS®), which takes all four factors mentioned above into account*. If you do not know the grade of your Susan B. Anthony Dollar, you can take it to your local coin dealer and ask that they have it graded at one of the three major coin grading services.

 Susan B. Anthony Dollar Coin Mint Years: 1979, 1980, 1981, 1999

Susan B. Anthony Dollar - Obverse

Susan B. Anthony Dollar - Reverse

Susan B. Anthony Dollar - Obverse

Engraver:  Frank Gasparro

Susan B. Anthony Dollar - Reverse

Engraver:  Frank Gasparro

United States Mint images. is not affiliated with the United States Government in any way. Click here for terms and conditions.

    During the later part of the 20th century, vending machines began to take accept dollar coins. This directly impacted the US Treasury's supply. By 1998, the Treasury's stock of dollar coins was near depletion.  However, the US Mint lacked the legal authority to change the design of the coin, and for reasons beyond its control, the US Mint was not able to release the new Sacagawea dollar earlier than 2000.  As a result, the US Mint decided to restrike the Susan B. Anthony coin in 1999, leading to the longest hiatus for the same design of a circulating coin in U.S. history (specifically, one year longer than for the Morgan silver dollar).

    Since the 2000 introduction of the Sacagawea Dollar coin, it has circulated in tandem with the Susan B. Anthony dollar. To vending machines, the two coins are identical.

* CoinTrapTM is not affiliated with the PCGS®.  By clicking on the link above, you are opening a browser window containing content provided by a third party website and you will be subject to any terms and conditions as set forth on that website.

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