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2004 Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Silver Dollar Coin

CoinTrapTM Commentary: As explorers, pioneers, statesmen, peacemakers, and adventurers, Captains Meriwether Lewis and William Clark opened up an entire new world to the west as they led about three dozen men and Sacagawea, a young Shoshone woman, and her infant son, on a arduous journey of nearly 8,000 miles.

The Lewis & Clark Bicentennial silver coin had a maximum mintage of 500,000. The obverse depicts Captains Lewis and Clark on a stream bank planning another day of exploration. Lewis is seen holding his rifle in one hand and his journal in the other.

The reverse features two feathers representing the many American Indian cultures touched by the Corps of Discovery, the official name of Lewis & Clark’s group. It also features an image of the original Jefferson Peace Medal gifted to American Indian nations during the expedition on behalf of President Jefferson. 17 stars representing the number of states in the Union in 1804 hover above two clasped hands.

Coin Value: What is the value of your Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Silver Dollar coin?  Like almost always--it depends. The Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Corp Silver Dollar coin worth or value depends on these main factors: (1) your coin’s grade, (2) whether it is a proof coin (Deep Cameo or DCAM) having a mirror-like polished finish, and (3) scarcity/demand. Regarding your coin’s grade, it has become a standard in the field of numismatics (coin collecting) to grade coins on a point-scale from 1 (poor) to 70 (perfect). This is also referred to as the “Mint State” or just “MS” for short. Click here to find the up-to-date estimated value of your Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Silver dollar coin from the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS®), which takes all three factors mentioned above into account*. If you do not know the grade of your Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Silver coin, you can take it to your local coin dealer and ask that they have it graded at one of the three major coin grading services.

2004 Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Silver Dollar Coin - Obverse

2004 Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Silver Dollar Coin - Reverse

Obverse - Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Silver Dollar Coin

Engraver:  Donna Weaver

Reverse - Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Silver Dollar Coin

Engraver: Donna Weaver

United States Mint images. is not affiliated with the United States Government in any way. Click here for terms and conditions.

    [[Page 113 STAT. 1643]]

    Public Law 106-126
    106th Congress

                                     An Act
    . . .

    TITLE <<NOTE: Lewis and Clark Expedition Bicentennial Commemorative Coin

    SEC. 301. SHORT TITLE.

       This title may be cited as the ``Lewis and Clark Expedition
    Bicentennial Commemorative Coin Act''.

    SEC. 302. FINDINGS.

       The Congress finds that--
               (1) the expedition commanded by Meriwether Lewis and William
           Clark, which came to be called ``The Corps of Discovery'', was
           one of the most remarkable and productive scientific and
           military exploring expeditions in all American history;
               (2) President Thomas Jefferson gave Lewis and Clark the
           mission to ``explore the Missouri River & such principal stream
           of it, as, by its course and communication with the waters of
           the Pacific Ocean, whether the Columbia, Oregon, Colorado, or
           any other river may offer the most direct and practical water
           communication across this continent for the purposes of
               (3) the Expedition, in response to President Jefferson's
           directive, greatly advanced our geographical knowledge of the
           continent and prepared the way for the extension of the American
           fur trade with American Indian tribes throughout the land;
               (4) President Jefferson directed the explorers to take note
           of and carefully record the natural resources of the newly
           acquired territory known as Louisiana, as well as diligently
           report on the native inhabitants of the land;
               (5) the Expedition departed St. Louis, Missouri on May 14,
               (6) the Expedition held its first meeting with American
           Indians at Council Bluff near present-day Fort Calhoun,
           Nebraska, in August 1804, spent its first winter at Fort Mandan,
           North Dakota, crossed the Rocky Mountains by the mouth of the
           Columbia River in mid-November of that year,

    [[Page 113 STAT. 1648]]

           and wintered at Fort Clatsop, near the present-day city of
           Astoria, Oregon;
               (7) the Expedition returned to St. Louis, Missouri, on
           September 23, 1806, after a 28-month journey covering 8,000
           miles during which it traversed 11 future States: Illinois,
           Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota,
           Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon;
               (8) accounts from the journals of Lewis and Clark and the
           detailed maps that were prepared by the Expedition enhance
           knowledge of the western continent and routes for commerce;
               (9) the Expedition significantly enhanced amicable
           relationships between the United States and the autonomous
           American Indian nations, and the friendship and respect fostered
           between American Indian tribes and the Expedition represents the
    of diplomacy and relationships between divergent nations and cultures;
               (10) the Lewis and Clark Expedition has been called the most
           perfect expedition of its kind in the history of the world and
           paved the way for the United States to become a great world


       (a) Denomination.--In commemoration of the bicentennial of the Lewis
    and Clark Expedition, the Secretary of the Treasury (hereafter in this
    title referred to as the ``Secretary'') shall mint and issue not more
    than 500,000 $1 coins, each of which shall--
               (1) weigh 26.73 grams;
               (2) have a diameter of 1.500 inches; and
               (3) contain 90 percent silver and 10 percent copper.

       (b) Legal Tender.--The coins minted under this title shall be legal
    tender, as provided in section 5103 of title 31, United States Code.
       (c) Numismatic Items.--For purposes of section 5136 of title 31,
    United States Code, all coins minted under this title shall be
    considered to be numismatic items.


       The Secretary may obtain silver for minting coins under this title
    from any available source, including stockpiles established under the
    Strategic and Critical Materials Stock Piling Act.


       (a) Design Requirements.--
               (1) In general.--The design of the coins minted under this
           title shall be emblematic of the expedition of Lewis and Clark.
               (2) Designation and inscriptions.--On each coin minted under
           this title there shall be--
                       (A) a designation of the value of the coin;
                       (B) an inscription of the year ``2004'' and the
                   years ``1804-1806''; and
                       (C) inscriptions of the words ``Liberty'', ``In God
                   We Trust'', ``United States of America'', and ``E
                   Pluribus Unum''.
               (3) Obverse of coin.--The obverse of each coin minted under
           this title shall bear the likeness of Meriwether Lewis and
           William Clark.

    [[Page 113 STAT. 1649]]

               (4) General design.--In designing this coin, the Secretary
           shall also consider incorporating appropriate elements from the
           Jefferson Peace and Friendship Medal which Lewis and Clark
           presented to the Chiefs of the various Indian tribes they
           encountered and shall consider recognizing Native American

       (b) Selection.--The design for the coins minted under this title
    shall be selected by the Secretary after consultation with the
    Commission of Fine Arts and shall be reviewed by the Citizens
    Commemorative Coin Advisory Committee.


       (a) Quality of Coins.--Coins minted under this title shall be issued
    in uncirculated and proof qualities.
       (b) Mint Facility.--Only one facility of the United States Mint may
    be used to strike any particular quality of the coins minted under this
       (c) Period for Issuance.--The Secretary may issue coins minted under
    this title only during the period beginning on January 1, 2004, and
    ending on December 31, 2004.

    SEC. 307. SALE OF COINS.

       (a) Sale Price.--The coins issued under this title shall be sold by
    the Secretary at a price equal to the sum of--
               (1) the face value of the coins;
               (2) the surcharge provided in subsection (d) with respect to
           such coins; and
               (3) the cost of designing and issuing the coins (including
           labor, materials, dies, use of machinery, overhead expenses,
           marketing, and shipping).

       (b) Bulk Sales.--The Secretary shall make bulk sales of the coins
    issued under this title at a reasonable discount.
       (c) Prepaid Orders.--
               (1) In general.--The Secretary shall accept prepaid orders
           for the coins minted under this title before the issuance of
           such coins.
               (2) Discount.--Sale prices with respect to prepaid orders
           under paragraph (1) shall be at a reasonable discount.

       (d) Surcharges.--All sales of coins minted under this title shall
    include a surcharge of $10 per coin.


       (a) In General.--Subject to section 5134(f ) of title 31, United
    States Code, the proceeds from the surcharges received by the Secretary
    from the sale of coins issued under this title shall be promptly paid by
    the Secretary as follows:
               (1) National lewis and clark bicentennial council.--Two-
           thirds to the National Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Council, for
           activities associated with commemorating the bicentennial of the
           Lewis and Clark Expedition.
               (2) National park service.--One-third to the National Park
           Service for activities associated with commemorating the
           bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

       (b) Audits.--Each organization that receives any payment from the
    Secretary under this section shall be subject to the audit requirements
    of section 5134(f )(2) of title 31, United States Code.

    [[Page 113 STAT. 1650]]


       (a) No Net Cost to the Government.--The Secretary shall take such
    actions as may be necessary to ensure that minting and issuing coins
    under this title will not result in any net cost to the United States
       (b) Payment for Coins.--A coin shall not be issued under this title
    unless the Secretary has received--
               (1) full payment for the coin;
               (2) security satisfactory to the Secretary to indemnify the
           United States for full payment; or
               (3) a guarantee of full payment satisfactory to the
           Secretary from a depository institution whose deposits are
           insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or the
           National Credit Union Administration Board.

       Approved December 6, 1999.


    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, Vol. 145 (1999):
               Nov. 16, considered and passed House.
               Nov. 19, considered and passed Senate.

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